Want to make something that looks healthy but isn't? Look no further.

Introducing: vegetable confit.

The most well known confits are made with duck or goose, slowly cooked in their own fat. By definition, confit foods are cooked in either fat or sugar. These substances act as a preservative, allowing foods to last for months without refrigeration.

For our version, we're using olive oil a) to keep it slightly better for you and b) because it's delicious.

- 1L decent quality olive oil (we used Trader Joe's Organic Tunisian - $10)
- 3-5lbs chopped veggies (quantity is up to you. We used carrots, chopped in half, then quartered, whole trimmed string beans, and sliced summer squash)
- 5-6 dried Adobo peppers
- 1 head garlic, about 12-15 cloves, peeled and kept whole
- 4 lemons, zested
- Smoked sea salt

In a large pot or deep skillet, heat up the olive oil to approximately 185º F. Add garlic and adobo peppers. Cook until both are golden brown, about 10-15 minutes. At this point discard, or enjoy the garlic on some bread.

Cook the veggies in batches until fork tender. Make sure they're entirely submerged in oil. It's important to cook by veggie type because of differing cooking times (for instance, don't mix carrots with beans).

Remove and carefully drain excess oil with paper towels.

Now it's time to mix the veggies together and/or plate them accordingly. They can be consumed lukewarm, room temperature, or cold.

Top with copious amounts of lemon zest and smoked sea sat.

Enjoy, as you realize you just made deep fried vegetables.


Photos by Gaul Porat