There is much more for me to explore in the vast world of Los Angeles ethnic foods, so I narrowed my list down to just a handful of categories.

Sushi: Sugarfish (Varies)

If you’re feeling adventurous, go to Sugarfish and order the “Trust me.” They’ll bring out a bunch of courses based on whatever is being served that day. I recently went for the first time and needed a nap afterwards due to the copious amounts of rice and raw fish in my belly. Website || Yelp

German: Wurstküche (Downtown)

Is it truly German cuisine? Not really. But it’s definitely inspired. Wurstküche (pronounced vurst-kush-a) specializes in homemade sausages, belgian-style fries and great beer. Oh, and awesome dipping sauces (their sundried tomato mayo is redonk). In the mood to try buffalo? Or rattlesnake? Order off their exotic menu for a sausage you’ll never forget. Website || Yelp

Mediterranean: Bäco Mercat (Downtown)

Since visiting Israel a few years back I’ve had a love affair with Mediterranean food. Shortly after my return I discovered Bäco Mercat, a small-and-big-plates style restaurant that mixes western and eastern Mediterranean flavors with Californian ingredients. Bäco is amazing because it’s easy to go on a budget (their signature flatbread sandwich, the Bäco, and a beer will run you under $20), or you can make it a fancier affair and spend a lot more if in the mood. Website || Yelp

Italian: Osteria Mozza (Hancock Park)

Osteria Mozza is Pizzeria Mozza’s bigger, significantly more expensive, older brother. Only come here if you’re a) rich, b) celebrating a very special occasion or c) in the mood to make an extremely irresponsible financial decision for no reason whatsoever (like me). Order something from the mozzarella bar, and try sitting there if you can. You’ll want a front row seat as their raw-cheese-inspired creations come to life. Website || Yelp

Mexican: Poquito Más (Varies)

So there’s a lot of Mexican food in Southern California. Some of it is authentic. Most of it isn’t. Poquito Más is certainly somewhat Americanized, but all that matters is that it’s delicious. This LA-area chain is my favorite because it tastes fresh. It’s cheap, easy, and with multiple locations to choose from, there’s always one nearby. Website || Yelp

Ramen: Ramen by Omae (Sherman Oaks)

From the outside, Ramen by Omae doesn’t look special. Chef Omae is a Michelin star chef from Japan — why he decided to open his restaurant in a strip-mall in Sherman Oaks I do not know. His ramen broth is boiled for 40 hours, resulting in an insanely thick, concentrated soup that will stain your shirt once you start slurping up the noodles. Go for an early lunch to avoid waiting. Website || Yelp